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by Tareeshi Sangal
© All rights reserved.


journal de jours
Burnt umber.
The highest room of the tallest tower.
Discovery of the Dadi-Poti tomb.
A little something between the turn for the Green Park market and the Hauz Khas Village. Its got siblings on the adjacent sides. Very well lit at night, but, unfortunately , you can only admire it from the locked gates. At least, they’re safe from the love stories their other counterparts are witness to. 
When we were in college, we were always at the malls.Maturation has developed in me a fixation for monuments. Especially this one - The Safdarjung Tomb. I like to call it my place. 
I like going there with those closest to me. And I like clicking their glee at discovering a place like this. 
I bet I clicked em a better picture than that random man they posed for. But, isn’t that how artistic geniuses function? Without letting their subject know!