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by Tareeshi Sangal
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journal de jours
Guess who made it to this morning’s paper! :D
ghostagent11 :  What do you look when you click a pics??? I mean the images you capture are like everyday stuff, but the way you present it here is amazing, its like gives a different vibe. I am a big fan of Scott Schuman who started this sartorialist photography concept where he clicks random pics of person who has dressed something unique from the mass ,that's his inspiration. What;s your inspiration???

Wow! Thank you. I really dont classify myself in a concept - I just click what I’d like to remember. 

Most of my inspiration comes from seeing the usual, unusually and also, from the works of lesser known photographers who started off on Tumblr. I’ve noticed that somehow going commercial impacts creativity. The only famous photographer I really like is Yu Tsai. 

Winter is all over you, Delhi.
So Blue.
Dusk in Delhi.
Indian Summer.
So, chin up and we’ll drown a little slower.
I clung to you hoping we’d both drown.
Anonymous :  What would it take for someone to make you fall in love... again that is... ;)

Not being an anonymous creep on the internet would be number 1 on the list!

Because I miss this place.
prosebe4hoes :  Amazing blog you got here :)

Wow, thank you! Appreciate it :)

La Mer.
Light leak from an electric tower.