talkitiveone asked:
You have theeee most magical name :-)

Thank you soo soo much!

On hiatus

Hi. I haven’t been posting lately and won’t be for a while so, this is just to let you all know that I’m going on hiatus.

I will be back. I just don’t know when. You can drop me a message or mail if required and I’ll get back to you as and when I can.






You’re a tourist.

Street View.

Anonymous asked:
Would you consider making a music blog? I find your taste exquisite! The background music on your blog is always perfect :-) Emma

Thanks for your message, Emma. I’m afraid I dont have the kind of time to maintain a music blog dedicatedly. Also, sharing the music I discover is somewhat painful for me. Nevertheless, feel free to message me and ask in case a particular track on my blog appeals to you. I’d be glad to help you out! :)

Neon God


Northern sky.

Blue is the warmest colour.


Anonymous asked:
'A face straight out of a magazine'. God, youre beautiful!

Oh god, thank you. You’re so kind! :)